Best Devices to Use on the Go

It is always great to fill your home with loads of home entertainment devices. However, there are occasions where it is nice to take them with you. Obviously, with some of them, this is not going to be possible (at least, not probable). Such as home video game consoles, desktop computers, home theater systems, and televisions. But, there are those select few that can be enjoyed at home, as well as on the go. In a world that is becoming dependent on new technologies, this is very important. It has gotten to the extreme, that many of you cannot live without some sort of device in your life. So, by nature, the one’s that you can take with you at will may be the most important. With that in mind, check out some of the best.


As soon as this was said “It has gotten to the extreme, that many of you cannot live without some sort of device in your life”, you should have known that a smartphone was going to be the first entry. Come on now, how many people do you know (including yourself) that are so attached to their phone that they could not live for two seconds without it? It does not matter if it is an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or LG G6 they all present people with the same problems. However, let’s not act as if they are not useful. As cell phones have transformed over the years, they have almost become mini-computers. They can surf the internet, play music, play games, and take texts and calls.

Nintendo Switch

Ah, here is something that is still relatively new and it says a lot that it is included on this list. Video games have become a cultural icon and Nintendo’s newest innovation has taken them even further. The gimmick with their Switch console is that the base can be removed and played from anywhere. However, the biggest reason this took precedence over other handhelds (such as the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS) is that the games present on this console are unlike any ever seen on a handheld. Such asThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. For any gaming fans who want to play on the go, pick up a Switch.


Now, were at a device that has taken over laptops as the most convenient portable computer in the world. This is due to its smaller nature and larger battery life. But, it does not sacrifice performance at all. Of course, the biggest difference is that tablets have a touch-based interface; in which you do not have to be concerned about a touchpad or keyboard. They accomplish most of the tasks you would do on a laptop, as well. Which includes, surfing the internet, using different software for multiple tasks, and talking to friends via social media.


This is the first device on this list that cannot be used by itself. That does not mean it is beneath the other ones, though. In a situation where you are by yourself on the go (whether this iswalking, jogging, in an airport, etc.), using headphones is an adequate way for you to listen to audio without disturbing other people. If you decide to stream a movie on your tablet, you could even use them to listen to the audio that is coming from the film. It also does not matter which kind you decide to invest in (earbuds, headphones, Bluetooth, corded, etc.), they all will accomplish the same feat. The difference is the convenience and comfortability that you desire.

Bluetooth Speakers

Sure, you could conclude that this entry minorly contradicts the previous one. If you did, there is nothing wrong with that. Just know, though, that the sole reason this is present is for those circumstances where you would like to play audio for a select number of people. For example, if you went to a social gathering and your party wanted to listen to some tunes. Having a portable Bluetooth speaker would accommodate this situation perfectly as everyone would be able to enjoy the music. The fact that it can be played from any device that has Bluetooth and no cords are present, is just the icing on the cake. If interested, look at this list that compiles some of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market.

The next time you are away from your home and are bored out of your mind, consider taking these devices alongside with you. Assuming everyone on the planet already has a smartphone, take this into consideration for the other entries! Keep it appropriate, though, do not tag most of these along at church, work, or a date. Only do so for situations that warrant them. In other words, ones where you will not get in trouble for doing so.