Smart Wifi Camera Doorbell Buyer Guide

You are busy in the house doing chores and you don’t hear the bell ring. Due to this, you miss an important guest or a vital delivery. In such a situation, you would be better off if there was a way to know right away if someone is at the door, and if possible, who it is. Your wish comes true by the advent of smart WiFi-enabled camera doorbells. These doorbells come with several benefits:

•    These doorbells use a sleek and innovative design that adds to the style and sophistication of your décor. Manufacturers are coming up with new designs on daily basis to fit both modern and contemporary styles.

•    The doorbells give you both an audio and visual capability.

•    The difference between wired and wireless doorbells is small. You shouldn’t be worried about the cost.

•    These wireless doorbells give you a wider range, making them ideal for large houses.

•    They are easy to install, you don’t need advanced tools to set it up.

These benefits make the wireless doorbell your best bet when it comes to managing your door and adding some security. However, you need to get a suitable one to install on your door for you to enjoy these and more benefits. Let’s talk about the factors that influence your purchase decision.

Understand Your Doorbell Requirements

Each house has different needs. Perform a quick analysis of your house to find out your needs because this is what determines the budget you set. Here are the features that these doorbells promise and deliver depending on the make.

Clear Sound

This is the basic requirement of any doorbell. However, you don’t need to select just any sound – go for high quality sound. A doorbell that produces sound yet can’t alert you is totally useless. Make sure you test the sound quality before you can make a decision. If possible, pick a doorbell that allows you to change the sound settings.

Some of the doorbells allow you to download a custom tune. This is vital when you don’t want to use the default chime that comes bundled with the doorbell.

Motion Sensor

If you haven’t installed smart cameras in your home, you can depend on the wireless doorbell to offer some extra security. This becomes real via the infrared motion sensor that comes with some doorbells.

The Wireless Range

Range is very indispensable, though it depends on how big your house is. You need to have a doorbell that alerts you even when you are at the farthest point of the house. Wireless doorbell companies offer a range between 255 feet and 1000 feet. If your home covers a wide area, you need a doorbell that uses multiple ring units to make sure the entire living space is covered.

Power Requirements

Wireless doorbells run on battery power. Different types of doorbells will use different battery types. Make sure you know which battery type the doorbell uses and whether it is available near you. Manufacturers have gone ahead to incorporate battery indicators to show when it goes low so that you can top up the charge.


Some components of the doorbell are exposed to extreme weather conditions because you install them on the external wall. You need to find a device that is made from hardy molded plastic or rust-free metal.

An Easy Setup Process

You need to purchase a unit that won’t be costly to install. Most of these wireless cameras come with an instructional manual that you follow to perform a DIY install. However, you need the right tools to execute the process. The easy setup process makes it easy for you to fit the system anywhere in your house. You don’t need to get your drill or set or power tools install the bell.

Presence of an Intercom System

The intercom helps you hear the person standing at the door. You can decide to tell the visitor to announce himself before you can open the door. Lack of an announcement might signal that the person at the door is a stranger, requiring you to confirm via the camera before granting access.

Make a Decision to Buy, and Create a Budget

The final step is to start turning your idea into reality. You need to make a decision to purchase the doorbell after you know what you expect. After you decide, you need to come up with a budget by understanding how much money you can set aside for the doorbell. This amount should be a range and not a specific amount.


Your door forms the main entry point to your house. Times have changed, and the traditional knock has been replaced by smart devices. You can now install a fully-smart doorbell that gives you different functionalities including custom tunes, motion detection and sleek designs. Make sure you read this article to know more about available WiFi doorbells and how each compares depending on the features.