Top Tips to Get the Most out of Your Wedding Day Entertainment

After the wedding dress, the next component that takes center stage and which will leave lasting memories with your guests is the wedding entertainment. Studies show that most couples wish they would have increased the allocation of their wedding entertainment a little bit, which brings us to our first tip:

Don’t Sacrifice Quality to Save on Costs

Professional wedding entertainment is just like any other service out there – you only get what you pay for. Booking a band just because they go for low rates doesn’t mean you will get the best entertainment at the wedding. At times you have to splash some more cash to leave the guests asking for more.

It is your wedding day; it only comes once in a lifetime. Make an effort to only have the best services for this day.

Have a Contract

You need to make sure you sign a contract with the performer. This contract will clearly state the cost of performance, the arrival, and start of the performance and when the performer is supposed to finish. Understand if the musician will come with his equipment or you have to supply what he needs.

The contract should also explain what happens in case the musician doesn’t make it to the wedding. We all get held up time after time and this can happen to anyone. It is just imperative that when it happens, you know what to do next. Most performers have a backup plan in case this happens, and will tell you in advance so that you rest assured that even if the main performer doesn’t make it, you will still get the entertainment you paid for.

Should be Insured

Lack of Insurance is one of the top challenges you find with musicians who aren’t established. The performer should have public liability insurance because it is a requirement by most venues. Many wedding planners have had to look for alternative forms of entertainment just because the performer didn’t have necessary insurance. Make sure you confirm this fact early enough to avoid hiccups during the wedding.

Avoid Singers Who Charge Extra

The wedding singer should give you a quote early during the preparation so that you know how much it is going to cost you to hire him. Give a wide berth to those singers that have hidden costs that can’t be justified at all. As a professional wedding singer, the quote you receive is what you end up paying, unless the situation has forced me to extend beyond the agreed time limit. For instance, if we have agreed that I will perform for 7 hours yet your guests insist I play some more and I end up performing for 9 hours, you pay for the extra 2 hours according to the stipulations in our contract. You can check James at for more insight into the cost.

Look After Your Act

Basically, the wedding singer arrives at your wedding a few hours before the start of the ceremony to set up the stage and instruments. He has travelled several miles to get to you, which means he can be hungry and thirsty due to all the travelling, not to mention the drive back home after the event. It doesn’t cost you much to offer a place to change and rest between performances. A soft drink or a hot meal is also welcome. This simple gesture can form a world of difference in the way the singer will perform. No performer can work to their full potential by getting changed in the car or singing on an empty stomach. If you wish to get the best performance out of the singer, treat him as a guest.

Confirm the Stage Size

Check the available space early in advance and allocate enough space to your singer. The singer will have communicated to you the minimum stage size he needs to be comfortable throughout the performance. Small or congested stages can pose a big problem to any performer, which can affect the quality of his performance.

Get a Testimonial

Always request to speak to past clients of the singer to get an idea of what to expect. The singer will definitely supply you with a list of happy clients who will remove any doubts you might have regarding his performance.

Consider the Music Tastes

Your wedding guests will be a varied lot. When it comes to entertainment, you always put the needs of your guests first. This is why it is vital to get a wedding singer who is flexible and who can perform a wide variety of songs without any issue. You might be a fan of hip hop and plan to gyrate your hips to your favorite hip hop songs all night, but remember that the chances of your mother or grandpa enjoying these songs is slim!

By having a playlist that suits your taste without considering the visitors, you risk ending up with an empty dance floor within no time. Talk to the wedding singer to receive some tips on what kind of music that will work for the occasion. Work with him to come up with the best mix of songs that won’t leave any of your guests complaining.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding entertainment is one of the integral aspects determining the success of your wedding. Make sure you work hand in hand with the singer to get the best music for your special day. Follow the tips highlighted above to get music that will match your theme, create lasting memories and leave your guests begging for more.