Why you should stop being a technophobe and by an iPad

The main attraction, and selling point of the iPad is its portability. Many technophobes are put off the idea of using desktops and even laptops, due to the fact they look bulky and complicated. Technophobes will use a laptop just like a desktop. They’ll find a decent sized office desk, plug in the laptop, perhaps connect it to some speakers with a cord and use a mouse with a cord. There’s nothing wrong with this – it’s a perfectly valid way to use a laptop, but it kind of misses the point of having a laptop in the first place.

The iPad is completely different. Even a technophobe would struggle to try to use it like a desktop computer. It’s more similar to a smartphone in appearance, but too big to fit in most pockets. Because technophobes can’t easily slot it into a category of existing knowledge, they need to understand what is different about the iPad, and what the advantages of using one are. Put simply, it’s more comfortable. Whether you’re on an airplane or simply lounging back on the couch, you can conveniently use an iPad to take care of your online and media needs. Rather than print out recipes downloaded to a desktop computer, to follow in the kitchen – you can simply prop up your iPad and follow a video instead. How convenient is that?

Former US President Millard Fillmore famously carried a dictionary everywhere he went. As he grew up in a very poor household, he didn’t have the advantage of a school education, and took the responsibility for his education into his own hands. As a result of this, he was always conscious of what he might have missed and what he could pick up from others. By carrying an iPad around with you, you not only have access to the dictionary, but to encyclopedias and the whole internet of knowledge. The iPad is pretty similar in size to a book, too – it’s not like carrying around a desktop computer on your back or anything.

Not only is the iPad going to serve as your dictionary and encyclopedia, but it is also your personal and portable media center. You can find pretty much any movie, TV show or piece of music ever created on the internet and have them ready at your fingertips at any time and in any place. You could be at 30,000 feet and watching your favorite episode of The Sporanos, or 3,000 miles out to see and listening to the Scriabin preludes. And it’s all thanks to this little plastic contraption that you carry around in your purse. There are plenty of accessories which can be used with the iPad, too – just take a look at iThingum to get some ideas.

Not only can you use the iPad for your personal entertainment wherever you are in the world – you can also consider it to be your personal communications network operations command center. This isn’t just about communicating simultaneously with people around the globe – you can also monitor the changing weather, news, flights and pretty much anything else that is being monitored or measured. You don’t need a big computer and a huge satellite dish on your back to do this – an iPad will do fine.

“Oh my stars!”, you are thinking. “I need that like I need bricks tied to my feet! I have a smartphone to do all of this!” Well, firstly, that’s great that you are using a smartphone. It is true that some people try to make their pone their only smart device. After all, they can be very powerful, plus they are light and small enough to fit into a pocket without causing any discomfort. The main problem, however, is the size of their screens. Even the largest smartphone screens make it difficult to navigate and type effectively. How often do you try to write a long report on a smartphone and just give up after hours of constantly trying to correct your typing mistakes? That hardly happens with an iPad as the screen is nice and big enough to type without making mistakes with every word.