5 Tips For Keeping Your Home Office Clean

So as you guys may know, I work from home most often. Due to the current situation, a lot of us are working from home, but one of the problems that we will face is keeping your work space clean and tidy.

Because no one is around keeping us accountable, we may get into the habit of being messy and not caring about your home office environment, but it is important to keep a clean office space to improve your productivity.

In fact many studies show that cleaning your surroundings makes your calm and productive.

Get Into Habit of Cleaning

What I usually do is I clean my desk before I start working and after I finish working. It gives me a sense of whole and complete feeling that you are not really putting anything off from something important.

You don’t want any papers, or clutter around your home. In some ways, it might nag on your conscious. Your family might also tell you a few mean things if you are being very messy around the house.

Use a Cleaning Company

I am living in Astana Kazakhstan, so sometimes if I feel lazy I use this cleaning service that is very convenient: https://qazuborka.kz/uslugy/nur-sultan/uborka-kvartir/

Depending on your location, you might have such services as well, so Google around and maybe you can find some companies that can do the cleaning for you. In a way sometimes I prefer having it all cleaned for me since I don’t like cleaning things that much. It takes time away from the things that I do enjoy

Or Just Don’t Make A Mess

It’s easier said than done, but if you can train yourself to be organized and clean, it really will save you time from cleaning everything. As the saying goes prevention is cheaper than the cure.

Certain things would help with this. Paperclips, tacks, boards, and folders for your work desk will allow for a clean and organized desk. It will also help you work more efficiently and productively as well since you are not wasting time trying to find something.

Keep Baby Wipes and Tissues Around

Most likely you are going to eat on your office table or drink something which will result in spilled drinks or food crumbs. Even if you don’t spill anything on your table, it will get sticky, oily, and dusty.

Which is why baby wipes or tissues are great to have laying around in case you want to clean your desk quickly to get rid of dust and gunk. Sometimes the feeling of cleaning your computer screen gives it new life.

Have a Trash Bin Under The Table

What’s more annoying than being interrupted while you are in flow is having to go to the kitchen or another room to throw away any trash. Having a bin under the table is effortless and easy.

Any paper, wrappings, or trash you might have, don’t leave them laying around your table, just chuck it under your bin under your table.

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