Best Shoes For Travel

People often ask me what I wear when I travel. Well, it’s a bit of tricky question because depending on where you are traveling to it can depend on the environment.

However, usually for clothing choices I like to wear something that can be multi-functional. Especially with shoes! You don’t have much room in your luggage to bring many pairs, so you have to be mindful of what to bring. I usually end up wearing pampa hi leather boots from Palladium. They are functional all in one boots that pretty much anyone can wear when they are on the road.

It is casual and stylish enough to wear to certain events and also functional/durable enough to take a beating if I need to get my feet dirty. There are many different types of Palladium boots you can actually choose from, but I prefer the leather material because it can suit many situations from outdoor trekking to wearing it to a dinner date.

Should I Wear Sneakers?

I personally hate wearing sneakers or sports shoes. If you are going to be playing sports, then it is fine, but wearing it for casual occasions and what not, it really does not look good at all! You lose some level of class and elegance when you wear sneakers and in some ways, people do judge you based on what kind of shoes you are wearing.

Should I Wear Dress Shoes?

Wearing dress shoes when you are traveling is a bit tricky. Yes, you could but there is the likelihood of destroying your shoes if you end up going for a walk in the park, riding bicycles, and maybe if it ends up raining.

They look nice, but functionality wise, it’s a bit of a tough call. Some shoes are very durable and functional, but those kinds of dress shoes cost a lot of money and can take a chunk from your wallet.

I suppose it is fine for walking in the city and if you are traveling for business mostly. However, if you plan on doing anything remotely related to exercise, then you should wear something else.

Best Boots For Winter Travel?

Palladium boots are still my top choice for colder countries. Sometimes it gets cold in Kazakhstan and snows a lot, but my palladiums have kept me warm and comfy during a lot of winters. The choice of selection with Palladium boots is truly phenomenal.

Another brand you could try is Timberlands. They have thick soles and are made mainly for winter weather. They are heavy and bulky, so for some people, it might feel a little uncomfortable.

What If It Is Really Hot?

I’ve been to countries like Thailand and Laos, where the climate and weather is humid and hot. You’re better off wearing sandals or just simple footwear. You don’t really need to get fancy unless you are going to a special event. Most people living in those countries have a laid back and relaxed attitude when it comes to fashion.

In some ways it is nice to kick back and relax with sandals or sometimes even flip-flops!


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