How to Work From Home

For the past few months, I have been stuck in France. While travel restrictions are a pain in the ass, in a positive light, it gives us the time and opportunity to get stuff done. It’s time to reflect within ourselves and figuring out how we can stay productive through these times.

I’ve been mainly working from home. The beauty of digital age is that we can work from anywhere we want as long as we have a stable internet connection and a well functioning computer, so use this time wisely to study things online and becoming more productive.

Doing Meditations

Every morning before work, I’ve gotten into the habit of doing some short interval of meditation exercises. People think meditation is for hippies or people who are in the creative field, but not necessarily. It has given me clarity of mind and awareness of my thoughts. We go through so many thoughts in a day that if we are not aware of the thoughts that go through our mind, we are letting it affect our way of being.

For example, if you think about how you are going to pay the bills and all the negative aspects of life, then we will be stuck in a perpetual negative cycle, so I’ve been practicing how to stay positive and mindful throughout the day. Though no one is perfect, it does help to stay mindful of the negative thoughts that come up and accept that thought and allow it to pass. Emotions and thoughts are transitory states that we all feel, however it is important to not get attached to those thoughts and feelings.

Stretching and Exercise

Stretching and light exercise is crucial to maintain a healthy mind and body. The mind can greatly benefit from short bursts of situps, pushups, and light brisk walks on the treadmill if you have one.

It sets the tone for the day and how to stay in that zone. Flow as we call it comes better when your body gets some exercise and when you are giving it some movement.

Proper Equipment

I’ve been investing into equipment that not only helps me get my work done faster but with better quality. For example if you have a slow computer, your productivity is going to be affected. I recommend you guys to get SSD drives with good RAM for mainly office work. My computers starts up within a few seconds and can handle many tasks at the same time.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on apple products if you get SSD with some good RAM.

Also your equipment such as mouse and keyboard and office chairs are important. If you are not feeling comfortable and not able to get in the zone, it will affect your productivity.

I can’t stand clutter, so I’ve gone wireless all the way through. No chords and no mess around my desk. When your environment is clean, it just helps with thinking more clearly and getting more things done. Which brings me to the point of cleaning your home and having a clean and healthy work environment. It does help!

However, don’t get too comfortable to where you feel like procrastinating and watching a movie. When you get stuck, get up and walk. Do something else to clear your mind and get back to your work.

Interestingly though however I found that we waste so much time in the office on needless things. We are not that productive and I’ve been able to complete my work within 3-4 hours rather than 6-8 hours like I used to with a few changes in habit. So invite everyone to try something new and get into a healthier habit.

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