Spicing things up with Mongolian Fur Pillows! Best of Central Asia

me combing mongolian pillow

So recently, I had the pleasure of visiting one of my brother/sister nation which is Mongolia.

Though I often heard people saying that we are basically very similar due to our cultural and traditional upbringing I had to find things out for myself. And, I could use a bit of vacation for the winter holidays and get away from stresstful work in Paris.

First thoughts and experiences

It was crazy how empty and scattered the country was. In the capital you have people living in bad conditions, but when you leave the capital city Ulaanbaatar, the scenery is just breathtaking and out of this world.

smoggy smoke ulaanbaatar        mongolia sheep in winter

Compare that with the countryside which is just a vast space of nature and serenity.

Going Shopping

I had the opportunity to do some souvenir shopping and got some cool products. One was a caligraphy/script in Traditional Mongolian, and some amazing cashmere.

If you are looking for high quality cashmere for the best prices, you have to come to Mongolia! You will find cashmere being sold in Shangri-La hotel in UB, and maybe the department store.

Exotic Pillows!

But the highlight of my trip was finding these furry pillows that look like furry balls of sheep!

me combing mongolian pillow

If you need some recommendations, I found this website helpful: http://mongolianfurpillows.com

Kazakh and Mongolian Food is Similar!

One of the things that was really interesting was how our traditional foods were so similar! Many, Lagman, Besbarmak, our traditional foods were pretty exactly the same in Mongolia. They of course have their own unique touch to it, but overall, it was like exploring a new country while at the same time knowing what it was all about.

In the end, I was really happy with my trip.

I was able to visit one of my brother nation/country and meet people that are somewhat related to me, while at the same time learning about so many things I did not know about our nomadic history.

It is so cool that Mongolians still live a nomadic lifestyle and keep the traditions that we Kazakhs once used to have. Did I mention there are over 200 thousand or so Kazakhs in Mongolia as well? They uphold to our old traditional values and still live a pretty unique lifestyle.

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