Who is Pascal? My Clarvoyance Practice

My experience, my practice

It’s been almost 20 years since I practice clairvoyance. In addition to my gifts, I offer you all my experience of life.

After working more than 15 years in my own clairvoyance, I have been working only by phone for 7 years now.

It may seem paradoxical, but clairvoyance by phone is just as relevant as clairvoyance in the office. Indeed, I am not disturbed by your presence, and I can let my feelings express themselves fully.

The gift

The most important thing for good clairvoyance practice is to have a gift at the start. Only the gift, does not express itself easily, that’s why I use media such as cards, tarots or the pendulum. Experience allows me to free myself from the support to express the feeling.

To help you

If you too, feel things, I can help you move towards a practice of clairvoyance that will bring you, as well as me, a lot of satisfaction.

In 20 years of practice, I have helped thousands of people to move forward on their life path, why not you.