Why You should Bring Flashlight during your travels

If there is one thing that people should learn to do more often it is to bring a flashlight with you during your travels. There are many uses and many reasons why you should have one, and it won’t cost a fortune for something so important.

You might think that your flashlight on your phone is good enough, but in certain cases you might be hoping for a flashlight that is more powerful and better suited for your specific tasks.

This is specially true if you are going to hiking out in nature and enjoying the outdoors the benefits will outweigh the costs.

Light up your path!

Whether it is a dark alley or a dark path in front of you, you need a flashlight to light up your path for your safety and for your well being. If you can’t see where you are going you run the risk of falling, tripping and hurting yourself.

Who knows in the wilderness, you might come across snakes, wild animals in the dark, so knowing what is in front of you is more important than anything.

Use It As a weapon

You can use a flashlight as a blunt object that you can use in case you need something heavy to hit with.

It’s like a hammer. The more expensive and bulkier flashlights are in fact sometimes designed in such a manner that makes it something that you can bash something with.

Some states and countries do not allow you to legally carry weapons, so a flashlight can act as a baton if you need it to.

Sometimes certain flashlights have strobe mode that turns off and on very quickly. So in case, you are walking along a sketchy path and some guys try to mug you, you can effectively use the flashlight strobe to blind your attackers and get away.

Find Things easier

When you are going through your backpack, it can be difficult to know where things are. Just hold the flashlight in your mouth and search away! Since you will need both of your hands for searching, you can get a small that is portable.

Or out when you are hiking, you can use your flashlight far into the distance to see where you may be going. If perhaps you get lost or your friend gets lost, a flashlight can come in very handy to find your friends or let people know where you are.

You need it in SOS situations

For whatever reason, if you get lost or if you get into an accident during your travels, you can use your flashlight for SOS situations. Search party rescuers find it very difficult to find someone from above the ground, unless there is a shiny object that let’s them know where their location is.

A flashlight can signify that you need help and that you are lost etc.

There are a lot of cases where people got lost and luckily because of a mirror, a shiny object, or a flashlight they were able to get found.

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